an Experimental Space for Reconnection with the Natural World | parents

Super special thanks and love to my parents, Carole and James. What follows are many – but not all – of the tasks they selflessly accomplished to help me realize my vision of the installation, an Experimental Space for Reconnection with the Natural World.



For the first version (2014), my mom had several jobs. She…

…removed the labels from 40 coffee cans (my dad helped with this), measured and tore cotton batting (per my diagram), and attached the torn cotton batting to the coffee cans with double sided tape

02_CoffeeCanWall CoffeeCanCutList


…measured each of the triangles on the fireplace portal (this was tricky measuring in and around the branches), traced the shapes in cotton batting, tore the shapes out of the batting (my dad helped with this part), and map-pinned them onto the exterior armature of the portal



…patiently stuffed all of the glass bottles with tiny pieces of cotton batting



…created little burlap cozies for some of the capsule speakers, as well as burlap ‘nests’ in and around the fireplace portal



For the second version of the project (2015), my dad was in charge of hanging the cyclamen, which involved constructing seven burlap and twine sacks. He also helped me hang the lanterns on the porch, he cleared the street of trash from Biddle’s Escape to my house, and he lit candles at dusk.



Both of my parents graciously offered to greet visitors at Biddle’s Escape. I wanted to set the stage for a suggestion of no talking once inside the house, so I asked my parents to create their own masks that would have their mouths conspicuously covered. The only other requirement I gave them was that they had to have third eyes – or openings for third eyes – at the forehead.

07_DadMom-Masks-Day 08_DadMom-Masks-Night


Last but not least, my mom baked brownies. For the first version (2014), each brownie was individually decorated with a white icing eye. She made a double recipe, so decorating labor was significant. For the second version (2015), I felt they should be offered as a sacrament (not a snack), so I asked for them to be cut into teeny tiny squares.



I can never say it enough… I love you Mom and Dad. So very much.