Portal Door Shroom Slug

Portal Door Shroom Slug

  • 2015 • spring
  • single channel video, with sound
  • Description

    pico projected at 24" x 40"


    the video inside the door panel was projected at the top of a stairwell, as part of the installation, an Experimental Space for Reconnection with the Natural World v1.2

    the documentation is constructed, as the recording of the projected image fell short of the actual experience

    the soundtrack is an edited and slightly warped version of a longer track, The Machinery Generating Reality, crafted for the downstairs environment of the Experimental Space installation

  • Acknowledgements

    featuring the voices of Dennis McKenna and Joe Rogan, sampled from a March 2014 JRE interview

    "None of it's real. It's all real."

    thank you to Beachfront B-Roll for the stock footage clips: Floating Soap Bubble, Cat Eye - Extreme Close Up, Stream Bokeh, Fiber Optic Tips, Fiber Optic Bokeh, and Light Leak Orb