Medicinal Garden for Leeton

Medicinal Garden for Leeton was proposed as a public use space on private property to provide fruit, medicinal herbs, and honey to an underserved community. Based on the design principles of permaculture, the plan was developed in collaboration with Larimer resident, Azhar Leeton.

The adjacent, underused park (approximately 100’ x 450’) was identified by environmental artists Bob Bingham and Betsy Damon as a location for rain gardens to sink and filter storm water, which would in turn provide filtered water for an Art Park Food Forest as part of their larger vision, Living Waters of Larimer.

The Medicinal Garden was to function as a demonstration site for the larger vision, and to act as a passageway to the Art Park Food Forest, thereby blurring the lines between public and private land.

Medicinal Garden for Leeton

  • 2013 • spring
  • Description

    Larimer, PA (a neighborhood in the City of Pittsburgh) Medicinal Garden site, 80' x 40'