Constructed Panoramas: Malibu 2012

Pelican Morning Waves with Pink (2012-07-15)

Pelican Morning Waves with Blue (2012-07-15)

Pelican Morning Horizon with Pink (2012-07-15)

Pelican Morning Horizon in Red with Blue (2012-07-15)

After dancing all night at an after-hours party in downtown LA, I drove to the beach to rejuvenate. Due to the early hour I had the entire vista to myself. A single pelican flew left to right across the sky in a straight and silent line. While that memory lives only in my mind, as I had not yet taken out my camera, I am able to share other aspects of the morning with these photographs.

The photos were originally captured on 2012 July 15. In 2013 February I created the constructed panoramas. I had revisited the photos searching for footage I shot that same morning of waves lapping at the beach, for a rear-projection video incorporated into the installation Everything Is About To Begin.

Constructed Panoramas: Malibu 2012

  • 2012 • summer
  • digital construction
  • Description

    54" x 12" each