Astral Flora

Astral Flora was a merging between waking reality and lucid dream state, an attempt to coax thought-forms existing on the etheric realm of the astral plane into our physical world. Extending from six of the white flora forms were photo resistors – the ‘pistils’ of plant morphology – that sensed light levels. These sensors then triggered corresponding vibration motors to spin and rattle inside glass vials. Illumination came from the projected moving images of bumblebees crawling over the soft, furry leaves of lamb’s ear (Stachys byzantina). Perhaps these projections were the dreams of the astral flora colony? In response to the projected pollination, the white forms buzzed and chirped, imitating their imagined insect counterparts.

Astral Flora

  • 2014 • spring
  • three mini projectors, video files, mixed media sculpture, interactively generated sound
  • Description

    14.5' x 15' x 11' as installed in Carnegie Mellon University's Miller Gallery

  • Acknowledgements

    special thanks (in alphabetical order) to Abby Aresty, Bob Bingham, Rob Godshaw, Michael Importico, Ali Momeni, Eric Singer, and Jenny Soracco This project was supported in part by funding from the Carnegie Mellon University Frank-Ratchye Fund For Art @ the Frontier. frSTUDIO-logo