Everything Is About To Begin


Everything Is About To Begin was a multi-room installation, a surreal world constructed by a fictional man from Franz Kafka’s short story, The Burrow. With the front door open, lights on, and food remnants in the kitchen, the former inhabitant appeared to have left in a hurry.

While visitors explored the space, the inner thoughts of the mystery man were revealed as mini-epiphanies typed on notes cards (taken from Kafka’s The Zürau Aphorisms), placed strategically within the rooms.

The man’s level of paranoia was revealed in the living room, where a four-channel surveillance monitor sat directly in front of a comfy chair. Seated in this chair of control, one might have hallucinated – out of the corner of an eye – jellyfish dancing in the ‘heater theater.’ And perhaps the eyes of a beautiful woman appearing for a moment in the flames…

Visitors approaching the bedroom were drawn by the soft sound of waves upon a shore. Once through the curtain, the bedroom revealed itself as a dream realm, distinctly separate from the preceding spaces.

In a recorded confession, the man divulged his desire to pay a woman to stay with him, perhaps in a hotel by the sea, to teach him how to love. Visitors could listen to this recount of obsessive desire (excerpts from Marguerite Duras’ The Malady of Death) via headphones placed on the bed.

Ultimately, the clues/setting suggested that the owner of The Burrow overcame his fear and abandoned his sanctuary in search of an imagined love.

Everything Is About To Begin

  • 2013 • spring
  • physical artifacts, video projections, surveillance cameras, sound
  • Description

    as installed in Carnegie Mellon University’s Studio 201 warehouse space

  • Acknowledgements

    collaboration with Jordan Harrison