Matrixed: Agoura Hills


Installation specifications for one possible presentation configuration. Projections can be accommodated to other spaces, such as a corner niche. Audio may be administered via headphones or speakers, depending upon the spatial configuration.

The video above shows a sample edit of all six projections playing together, with audio. Actual audio duration is approximately twenty-two minutes, on a loop. Video projections continuously loop, with discrete durations of approximately four to twelve minutes each. During different points in each scene, subtle visual glitches disturb the perceived reality of the landscape.

This video shows a two-minute edit for one (of six) projections. Actual duration for this video projection is approximately twelve minutes. Of the six scenes, this one undergoes the most noticeable visual distortion.

Matrixed: Agoura Hills

  • 2015 • winter
  • proposal for a six-channel video projection installation with sound
  • Description

    22’ x 9’ x 8’