3rd Eye Masks: Blue Shrooms | Amazonian

Created for guests to wear within the immersive installation, an Experimental Space for Reconnection with the Natural World, version 1.2.

Sculptural masks invited guests to more deeply interact with the space, and each other, creating unique experiences as each person wearing a mask became part of the installation.

When guests wearing the masks walked in front of the video projections, triangular pieces of mirror embedded onto the masks scattered the projected images around the rooms.

The mirrors on the masks, combined with the intricate web of twine throughout the installation, suggest the beginnings of a physical manifestation for the metaphor of Indra’s Net.

Thinking about future versions of Experimental Space, I would like to further develop the concept of Indra’s Net, by having mirrored masks available (required?) for each guest to wear.

3rd Eye Masks: Blue Shrooms | Amazonian

  • 2015 • spring
  • cardboard, mirrored plastic, mulberry paper, gouache, fabric