Cloud[ed] Lenses

Cloud[ed] Lenses is a 16-minute movie of an expanded sequence in time; an attempt to magnify and extend a brief moment.

Two animation sequences of the same event are being played out. The background movie is close to real time, but plays on a loop, fading more and more with each iteration. The foreground movie – what is captured within the spherical lenses – is extended time, playing through only once. While the piece begins as a recognizable cloudscape, it ends as an abstraction of fading circles.

The intended presentation scenario is an environment where people are engaged in other activities, occasionally perceiving the shift to abstraction.

Cloud[ed] Lenses

  • 2012 • fall
  • single channel video, no sound
  • Acknowledgements

    permanent collection of Carnegie Mellon University, School of Computer Science, Gates Hillman Center, Pittsburgh, PA